Along with protecting the environment, we are equally passionate about bringing clean water to the world. We know this is a difficult feat, however, we commit to donate a portion of our time, effort, and resources in order to make any impact we can. 
Since being a young boy, Luma founder, Willy Hogan, has been involved in competitive skimboarding & surfing as well as serving as a Laguna Beach Ocean Safety Lifeguard from age 16 to 18. During these years, a passion to protect the marine life was born. From cleaning up coastline mudslides to enforcing marine safety acts, he built this desire to continue to protect the ocean. As a poor college student, the least he could do to reduce plastic waste was revert to using a reusable stainless steel water bottle. After a few weeks of using this bottle, he was extremely bugged by a nasty smell that developed in the bottle. He learned the odor was caused by germs existing and exponentially growing within the water and bottle. As a moderate germaphobe, Willy immediately tasked himself with finding a solution. As an Eagle Scout, he remembered using a UVC light to purify water while on a backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada's. He then walked into the engineering building at BYU and asked an engineer to help him build a reusable water bottle with a built-in UVC light. Soon after, the Luma Bottle design was created.
Email us at contact@lumabottle.com to learn more about how you can make a more personal impact.