Pure water from a reusable self-cleaning water bottle

The Luma Bottle

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The Luma Bottle

The Luma Bottle was born in October of 2017 by combining technology and innovation with water. It was created by us; ambitious college students who believed that our experience with drinking water should be refreshing, pure, and pleasant. We have created a reusable water bottle that cleans itself and eliminates that prevailing bad water bottle smell. Not only does the Luma Bottle keep your water hot, cold, and clean, it cleans the bottle for you. Experience a cleaner and better way to drink water. 

Successfully Funded in 5 Hours!

The Luma Bottle Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded in 5 hours, receiving a total of $87,200 in funding by 1,075 backers. After the end of our Kickstarter campaign, we continued our project on Indiegogo. On these two platforms, we raised a total of $95,457 from 1,150 backers. Thank you for making Luma Bottle a reality!

LUMA technology (patent pending)

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